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Thank you for caring about the safety of women in your life!

Your gifted Wilma membership will help ensure a woman can get from point A to point B unbothered.

Wilma's alternative, hassle-free ride hailing service is dedicated to the safety and empowerment of women, because her safety comes first.

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Wilma invites you to invest in your safety and peace of mind by purchasing a membership and joining the Wilma ride hail community. When you purchase a membership, you are entering a community of empowered women who are choosing to ride together. As soon as you sit in a Wilma Driver's vehicle, you can expect predictability and a hassle-free experience – allowing you to focus on the priorities of your day, versus the unknowns in your ride. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind with a Wilma membership today. Finally, you can be hassle-free from point A to B.

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